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Beach House is releasing a new album on October 16th

Beach House is releasing a new album on October 16th


Reddit and 4chan users sniffed out Thank Your Lucky Stars earlier this week

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Beach House is releasing a new album called Thank Your Lucky Stars on October 16th, according to Stereogum. This is the first anyone's heard of the album, and it might've remained a complete surprise if not for fans' fervor and attention to detail.

The album is arriving just a few months after the band's excellent fifth LP, Depression Cherry, but it's not a companion album or B-sides collection; it's a distinct album in its own right. Earlier this week, Reddit and 4chan users noticed that the band's website devoted to Depression Cherry had a new URL. The mystery deepened yesterday when a special area of the site was made temporarily available, one full of unreleased photos and lyric sheets for songs that hadn't yet been announced. Fans also noticed that at least one of the new lyric sheets (for "One Thing") matched a unfamiliar song played during a live performance in 2012.

The band has come forward and confirmed the album's existence using their Twitter account — so if you're a dream-pop fan, you have permission to get extremely hyped. They're also planning a surprise show in their hometown of Baltimore this Saturday to celebrate the album's arrival, though it's hard to call it a surprise anymore.