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Samsung's Galaxy View tablet is an 18.6-inch behemoth headed for AT&T

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Teased at the end of Samsung's Gear S2 launch at IFA last month, the Galaxy View is an upcoming tablet from the Korean manufacturer that looks set to be sold by AT&T in the near future. Newly published FCC documentation provides a sketch of the rear of the tablet along with its precise measurements. The Galaxy View has an expansive 18.6-inch display on the front and what looks like a pair of stereo speakers on the back. The AT&T logo is clearly visible within a section at the top of the tablet that could potentially serve as a carrying handle. The documents also confirm that the Galaxy View, codenamed SM-T677A, has LTE connectivity along with the usual Bluetooth and wireless radios, which makes it a rather peculiar device. Why have fast mobile internet on a tablet that's evidently too large to use on the move? Even if you decide to use it at a coffee shop, most locations have reasonable Wi-Fi these days.

The Korean version of this slate, dubbed SM-T670, has recently cleared Bluetooth and other certification as well, plus it has apparently made an appearance on a benchmarking website. The specs enumerated there are not hugely impressive, as the display only has a 1080p resolution and is accompanied by 2GB of memory and 32GB of storage. Then again, 1080p is still good enough for many large-screen TVs, so it really depends on how Samsung expects the Galaxy View to be used. Given the Galaxy branding, it's a practical certainty that the Galaxy View will run Android, and Alcatel recently unveiled its own 17-inch Android tablet, which it positioned as a home entertainment hub and an ideal device for the kitchen. It shouldn't be too much longer before we know what Samsung has planned as well.