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What will Google do with abcdefghijklm (inhales)

What will Google do with abcdefghijklm (inhales)

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A few months ago, Alphabet was formed as a new parent company for Google and many of its divisions. The company made its home on the internet, a cute play on its name. Yesterday, Domain Investing found that Google recently privately acquired from someone who had registered the domain in 1999, apparently waiting for just such a payday.

What will Google do with the new domain? It will probably forward visitors to, but here are some alternative options:

–Redirect to Alphabet Soup, "a site for the young and the 'young at heart.'"

–Embed this waking nightmare.

Purchase the Typing of the Dead series from a struggling Sega, port the original to Unity, and host it as an Easter egg for those patient enough to type that monstrosity of a URL.

Meanwhile, as my colleague Ross Miller notes, is registered to Ltd. with two name servers: "BUY.INTERNETTRAFFIC.COM" and "SELL.INTERNETTRAFFIC.COM." Watch out Google, Fabulous is coming for you.

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