What is my next? SurfaceBook v. MacBook Pro


So Microsoft made what I thought would be a painless and easy decision rather difficult during their keynote (Powerpoint?) the other day. I was completely set to buy the skylake 13" Macbook Pro, I have money set aside for it and was just waiting for it to hit the shelves in essence. But out pops Microsoft with what can probably be considered the biggest object of tech lust for these next 15 minutes: The Surface Book. I want both, but my budget and sanity require that I of course only get one. So what should I get?

What I need out of it:

Essentially what I'll be using one of these devices for is a lot of photo editing, video editing (making short to full length indie budget films), and probably a whole lot of typing. I'm not really a gamer outside of still living in a Sega Dreamcast bubble so that won't really be an issue.

macbook pro 13" (16 GB of RAm)

So this was essentially my first choice up until this week. I'm not really inherently interested in 2in1s and even if I got one I would be using it as a laptop some 90%+ of the time. The MacBook Pro is probably the best laptop on the market right now (at least in my entirely subjective point of view, please don't hurt me). It might not be as shiny and versatile as the Surface line of products, but it always has no readily apparent flaws either, minor or otherwise. It's completely vanilla, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If I do get this I plan on getting it upgraded to 16 GB of RAM with the base amount of storage, keeping it (hopefully) under the $2000 price point.

OS X seems to make a lot of sense for me at the moment since I'm currently using an iPhone and don't see myself ditching iOS in the foreseeable future. The integration across the operating systems is pretty much unmatched by its immediate contemporary, Windows. OS X is also widely known to have some of the best creative software in the business, though this very well may be dated dogma, I have no way of knowing.

Surface book (8GB of RAm)

I can't quite put into words the embarrassingly visceral feeling of lust I have for this magnesium cased piece of technological achievement. It keeps the sharp industrial look of the Surface family that has always resonated quite well with me, even if it hasn't been as comfortable a design language as the more curved products from its competitors. This is an extremely versatile product, and even if it doesn't make for the best tablet at 3 hours of battery life my lack of interest in tablets as a whole make this a non issue.

Software wise, despite my not being as intertwined with the Microsoft ecosystem anymore, I do still heavily rely on products like OneDrive and OneNote is indispensable to me and my productivity. Of course these products will always be the best on Windows and while Mac has finally had its suite of Office applications updated for the first time in years who knows how long it may take for it to get the next update.

The biggest issues I have with this device are two fold. In the grand scheme of things the first are nothing but minor nit picks, minor flaws that would probably bother me more than it seems would be logical. However the design definitely makes its 2in1 aspirations clear. The way it doesn't fold flat, while not the end of the world or without purpose, does make it more cumbersome than it could be and the placement of the headphone jack, while great for using it as a tablet, feels slightly awkward for a laptop being at the top of the screen. Again these are minor kinks in an otherwise flawless design, but they'd be things I'd have to live with for the next 3-5 years.

The other issue is RAM. I by no means want to pay $2700 just to get 16 GB of RAM in this thing, at that point I might as well pay for the $2000 15" MacBook Pro. While I'm no spec obsessed tech enthusiast I want to make sure this will be able to handle everything I throw at it and while I'm not worried about photo editing or the typing experience I'm not sure if 8 GB of RAM will be enough for video editing.

So I'm left with two great options-

What now? Both are great machines and I'd be happy with either, but I'm not quite sure which would be better for my needs or in a more base sense, which would make me happier. The MacBook Pro may be the boring answer but I'm always wary of Microsoft first gen products as well, and if nothing else boring means reliable. The Surface Book may be more expensive, but with its expense comes a load of versatility not available in Apple's line up. So in short- which do you think I should get?

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