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Facebook Messenger now works on Apple Watch, supports iPad multitasking

Just as promised at Apple's September event, Facebook Messenger has today been updated to work with Apple Watch. On your wrist, Facebook Messenger will let you send voice clips, likes, stickers, "and more" according to the app listing. That's about all you'd want to do with Facebook Messenger in this context, so it's good to see Facebook focusing on quick interactions. I'll be honest; despite this being a native watchOS 2 app, Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch felt a bit slow throughout on first load, but I'll give it more time before writing it off. I definitely foresee myself responding with a sticker or quick voice message at times when my phone's in another room or in my pocket, so it's better than nothing.

Today's update is about more than the Apple Watch; your Messenger contacts and conversations will now appear directly in iPhone's native search results. Better still, Messenger has been updated to support the iPad's multitasking features in iOS 9, so you can keep conversations going while watching a movie or browsing the web. The latest version of Messenger is available now in the App Store.