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Microsoft's first Surface Book ad doesn't make you feel pumped

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Microsoft's Surface Book unveiling video earlier this week was super exciting. A gradual buildup braced us for the big wow moment when the removable display was revealed. Microsoft had a good opportunity to build on that hype and bring something similar over to TV screens, but the spot the company has chosen could be a commercial for any laptop.

In fact, it looks like a 2015 iPhone ad. That would be fine if Microsoft had established what the Surface Book is over many years and created a desire and need for the product previously, but this is probably the first thing most people will see. It's forgettable, and there's no explanation why this is "the ultimate laptop" or why you'd desperately want to spend $1,500 on one. Gone is the hype and showmanship provided by Surface chief Panos Panay. Instead, the Surface Book commercial isn't the bold example of Microsoft's laptop you'd expect to see.

Where did all the excitement go?

Microsoft has made this mistake before. Dancing school girls were a big part of the original Surface RT commercial, despite Microsoft creating a thumping and exciting launch video. The Surface Book isn't the ultimate laptop unless Microsoft really shows why it is. This commercial is just philosophical musings about life with a laptop, so it doesn't hit the mark. Microsoft is clearly making great hardware here, but once again its marketing department isn't letting it shine.