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The depth of human expression can be found in the stuffed flatbread emoji

How falafel are you feeling today?

Emoji nowadays is as much a pictorial language as it is an art form. The range of communicative expression of Face With Open Mouth or Fish Cake With Swirling Design is surpassed only by the context and artful nature in which they're used. Care to tell your friend that you don't find that particular bar conducive to group conversation? Try Pensive Face with a dash of Teacup Without Handle punctuated by a plus sign and Wine Glass. An emoji is worth at least four to eight words, as the old idiom goes.

And so that brings us to Stuffed Flatbread, one of 67 new emoji candidates compiled by the Unicode Consortium. In May, the group will decide which emoji make it into Unicode version 9.0, which will be distributed as a standards guide to software and device makers worldwide. There are some gems — Drooling Face, Selfie, Shallow Pan of Food, Person Doing Cartwheel — but none with the depth of Stuffed Flatbread.

Stuffed Flatbread is a dynamic emoji. It's capable of communicating your desire for the trusty Omani kebab or Egyptian falafel all the way to expressing the various emotional capacities associated with semi-portable Middle Eastern cuisine. Feeling like asking your significant other to spend a Friday night in with some Netflix and Indian takeout? Try Stuffed Flatbread. Have to explain that things are a little tight financially and you're going to have to stop eating out at restaurants with two dollar signs on Yelp? Stuffed Flatbread's got you covered. Overwhelmed by the oppressive day-to-day grind of human existence? Stuffed Flatbread is there for you.