Just look at this sick tractor

I don't know a whole lot about tractors, apart from the fact that they till the earth and put bread on our tables. But I can tell you this: you're looking at a tractor designed by Pininfarina, the Italian studio best known for penning some of the most famous Ferraris ever made.

The Zetor by Pininfarina concept (yes, this is a concept tractor) is being shown at the Agritechnica trade show in Hannover, Germany this week, celebrating 70 years of Zetor Tractors' operation. The Czech company doesn't seem to be putting this particular model into production, but there's hope for the future: "We assume that the new Zetor by Pininfarina design will be adopted in all the series of Zetor tractors," says a spokesperson. The tractor "shifts Zetor to a more intense, emotional experience that is highly sensual, dynamic and modern," Pininfarina's release adds. Long days of harvesting under the beating sun will never be the same.

Again, because I'm not particularly acquainted with tractors, I can't offer you any of this machine's specs, because I don't know what they mean. (And it's a concept, anyhow.) Presumably, 0-60 times aren't of much value to a wheat farmer. I do know, though, that I'd be awfully embarrassed running a plain old green-and-yellow John Deere, only to have a rosso corsa Zetor pull up next to me and rev its harvester.

Pininfarina works on lots of products — it's done bicycles, too. But a bike isn't going to help you with your 50 acres of soybeans, now, is it?

zetor 2

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