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The best gift for Christmas 2016: plush Krampus

The best gift for Christmas 2016: plush Krampus

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I hate to be that guy who's like, "Hey, I liked this thing before it was cool." But listen, I totally liked Krampus before it was cool. Ten years ago, I couldn't shut up about the holiday boogeyman. Five years ago, I made my own Krampus T-shirt. Now it's as if everybody loves Krampus, and you know what? I couldn't be happier! A Kickstarter wants people to spend $80 on a Krampus doll? Sure! More Krampus, please!

You see, Krampus deserves to be the true icon of the holidays. If we're going to make Christmas about some fictional character with fantastic powers, that character should be a demonic hell-beast that terrorizes children for sport. The Don't Cuddle the Krampus doll aspires to bring Krampus joy to children of all ages, doubling as a modern toy and a throwback to the plushies of the mid '80s.

Early bird pledgers can order a Krampus for $60 with delivery scheduled for October 2016. The folks at Gizmodo have an exclusive set of behind-the-scene photos and details about toy maker Warpo. For those who need their Krampus fix this holiday, worry not: Krampus will appear in a new comedy-horror film starring Adam Scott!