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Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is making a TV show for Hulu

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is making a TV show for Hulu


The Rook will also be broadcast in the UK

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Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer announced this morning that the studio is working with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer on The Rook, a TV series that'll debut on Hulu at some point in the future. Feltheimer made the announcement during an earnings call, so he didn't offer much in the way of details beyond the series having a "strong female protagonist." Given the series' title and affiliation with an as-yet-unnamed British broadcaster, there's a decent chance it's related to Daniel O'Malley's 2012 novel of the same name. The book follows a young heroine who comes down with a case of magical amnesia and works for the British government's (fictional) supernatural security department.

It sounds like Meyer's kind of story. She made billions of dollars writing about vampires and werewolves, and her first step away from that world involved parasitic aliens — she's comfortable dabbling in the unreal. She's also an experienced film producer, having produced the last two Twilight movie adaptations (both parts of Breaking Dawn) and the subsequent adaptation of The Host.

Meyer's name means something to millions of Twilight fans

Meyer's productions haven't enjoyed consistent success. The Host underperformed despite a massive promotional campaign, and her adaptation of Shannon Hale's novel Austenland didn't make back its budget. But her name still means something to millions of people who devoured everything Twilight and became acquainted with her writing, and Lionsgate and Hulu are betting that familiarity will make The Rook a worthwhile endeavor.