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The VR puzzle game from the creators of Monument Valley is now on sale

There's a little over a week until the consumer Gear VR headset comes out in the US, but Oculus and Samsung are already rolling out some new games before launch. Today, that includes one of the most attractive and high-profile mobile VR titles so far: Land's Enda combination exploration and puzzle game from Monument Valley studio Ustwo. Judging by the previews we've seen, Land's End is a simple and fairly intuitive little game based around head tracking — you'll solve puzzles by looking at pieces of the environment and drawing lines between them.

While it's set on a chain of islands instead of Escher-esque towers, Land's End's visual style is reminiscent of Monument Valley. But the game is supposed to work around virtual reality's challenges and limitations, not bring an iPad experience to VR. If you bought one of the earlier, non-consumer Gear VRs, you can find it in the Oculus Store today for $7.99.