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Watch a matrimonial teaser for Transparent's second season

Watch a matrimonial teaser for Transparent's second season


Amazon's Emmy-winning dramedy is returning December 11th

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Amazon's feted comedy Transparent is coming into its second season with a lot of momentum after big wins at this year's Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, and the first teaser for its new batch of episodes captures the Pfefferman family's dysfunctional spirit. The whole family's trying to get together for a wedding photo — it looks like Sarah (Amy Landecker) is one of the two brides — but it's quickly submarined when the photographer calls Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) "sir." The trailer's less than a minute long, but it has the same messy energy and relatability that made Transparent's first season so exciting.

In addition to releasing the brief trailer, Amazon also announced the second season's premiere date has been pushed back a week to December 11th. (It was originally set to premiere December 4th for Amazon Prime subscribers.) The delay won't help if you've been waiting with bated breath for another look at the Pfeffermans' complicated lives, but you don't have to worry about the show's short- or long-term future. Transparent's second season has been on the books for over a year now, and Amazon signed on for a third season back in June, well before the second season even premiered. The company's made a big investment in Moppa & co., one that's been rewarded with plenty of recognition and good will so far, and it's on track to deliver another big payoff in just a few weeks.