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Periscope adds replays to its map and 3D Touch support for iPhone 6S

Periscope adds replays to its map and 3D Touch support for iPhone 6S


Version 1.3 also adds rewind and fast-forward for everyone

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Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Livestreaming app Periscope has received one of its biggest updates yet, adding the ability to skip ahead in replayed broadcasts, revamping the app's map feature to show recently completed streams, and introducing iOS-specific functions that make use of the iPhone 6S's 3D touch feature. Periscope detailed the new additions on Medium, explaining how the new map will now show replays from the last 24 hours when a Periscope users zooms into specific areas on the map, a change its creators say bring the app closer to fulfilling their original vision of "seeing the world in real time."

Now there's no limit to the streams you'll see on the map

Live broadcasts on that map are denoted by red dots, while blue dots are replays. The number of streams you'll see when you zoom into densely populated areas on the map has been increased, too. Previously you were restricted to 250 in a given area; now you'll a lot more. After being introduced for some Android users late last week, the 1.3 version of the iOS app also lets all Persicope users hold down on their phone's screen to skip back or forward in recorded streams, dragging left to go back, right to go forward, and up or down to change the speed at which you skim through the footage.

iPhone 6S users are now able to start regular and private broadcasts, search for people, and "teleport" to a random stream somewhere in the world right from their home screen. Android users don't have access to the 3D Touch shortcuts, but will finally be able to pinch on their screens to zoom in and out while broadcasting, a feature previously exclusive to the iOS versions of the app.