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Facebook testing new 'suggested' notifications on mobile app

Facebook testing new 'suggested' notifications on mobile app

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The past weeks have seen Facebook trying to make its notifications more than a distraction. It's admitted that it's working on a fix for endless Candy Crush invites, transformed its notifications tab into Google Now-style "cards," and released an entire app that does nothing more than push messages from from various publishers. So it's not a huge surprise to learn that the company is also developing a way to sort through people's notifications for them. The Next Web writer Napier Lopez writes that Facebook is testing out just such a system on its Android app, marking certain high-value interactions with a star and replacing the post time with the label "suggested."

Facebook told The Next Web that it was "piloting a way to highlight notifications you might find most useful," although Lopez notes that the feature (as seen below) highlighted almost all his notifications and is probably a bigger deal for serious Facebook power users. The obvious caveat is that we haven't seen this on our own feeds yet, and Facebook tests new possible features with limited groups all the time. But given that the platform already aggressively curates what you'll see in your feed, notifications are a natural next step — especially as Facebook turns them into a bigger content delivery system.

Facebook Suggested Notifications