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LinkedIn is developing tech to stop itself from spamming you

LinkedIn is developing tech to stop itself from spamming you

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Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Nothing is quite as joy killing as realizing the only new messages in your inbox are automated emails from LinkedIn. LinkedIn knows this, and it's begun addressing the issue to prevent its website from becoming the ultimate bane of every email user's existence. The solution is a new internal software tool LinkedIn is calling Air Traffic Controller. Building on its successful initiative earlier this year to chop the amount of emails it sends users in half, LinkedIn is now developing the system to send only emails and notifications that it feels are relevant to how you use the service.

LinkedIn's goal is to annoy users as little as possible. Its new tool will now monitor how often you check LinkedIn, use your preferences and habits to figure out when and on which device to best reach you, and keep track of what features you rely on most. That way LinkedIn will contact you only with messages and notifications that are relevant — not something you’ll instantaneously delete upon reading the company’s name in the subject line. LinkedIn says it will improve the system over time, but that users should see an "immediate improvement" to communications they receive from the company starting today.