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Spotify will now offer users a personalized list of concerts in their area

Spotify will now offer users a personalized list of concerts in their area


The streaming service is betting heavily on its ability to help users discover artists they'll love

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We wrote recently about our love for Spotify's new Discover Weekly feature, which generates a personalized playlist each Monday. Today it announced a new feature, Concerts, that will generate a personalized list of concerts happening in your area that Spotify thinks you'll enjoy based on the same taste profile that powers its music recommendations.

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It promises that as your music tastes evolve, so will the suggestions. That's nice for an old dad like me, who has noticed bedtime creeping earlier and earlier even as my ability to stomach most pop music has all but entirely dissolved.

You can find the Concert feature inside the Browse tab, and if you're traveling and in the mood for some live music you can tune the suggestions to your new location. You can also purchase tickets with a few clicks through a partnership between Spotify and SongKick.

Back when Spotify had third-party apps on its platform, you could dip into the dedicated SongKick app for concert discovery. In the past the iOS app also surfaced upcoming live shows on a musician's main page. If you favorited an artist, the mobile app would also send you push notifications when they were headed out on tour. But this is the first time Spotify has pushed personalized concert recommendations that refresh on a daily basis and can change based on your location. It starts rolling out today to iOS and Android users.