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There is a new PS Vita with a Dragon Quest slime instead of an up button

Big news out of the Japanese RPG-themed limited-edition PlayStation Vita scene today, as Sony has announced a Dragon Quest model to tie in with the release of Minecraft clone Dragon Quest Builders in January. And unlike last year's wonderful Dragon Quest PS4, it's not just a simple color change — the company has taken the bold, brave, and dare I say revolutionary move of changing a button entirely.

You would have thought, perhaps reasonably, that pressing "up" on the D-pad would mean "up." But on this Vita, it does not. It means "Slime."

dragon quest vita

There is more.

In the top image, you'll see the exclusive theme that comes preloaded on the Vita. And did you notice the little thing sticking out of the bottom of the system? That is a headphone jack stopper in the shape of a Liquid Metal Slime, and it is just the best.

dragon quest vita

Also, the whole package comes in a box of pure luxury.

dragon quest vita

Also, dawwwwww.

dragon quest vita

The PlayStation Vita Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition, for that is what it is known as, will go on sale in Japan from January 28th and includes a copy of Dragon Quest Builders. It'll sell for ¥25,980 (about $211), and I am going to spend the next couple of months really trying very hard to convince myself that I don't need a third PS Vita.