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Walmart's Black Friday deals include curved 4K TVs and game consoles for cheap

Walmart's Black Friday deals include curved 4K TVs and game consoles for cheap

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Black Friday creeps ever earlier. This year, Best Buy is offering its best deals on Thursday, while Amazon is doing its best to destroy the concept entirely, starting its price cuts three weeks early. Today Walmart has joined the fray, detailing the deals consumers can expect on Thanksgiving week. As with several of its peers, the retailer is starting the party early, cutting $200 off curved 4K Samsung TVs, selling Roku SE media players for $25, and offering consoles for $50 cheaper than normal.

The deals can be perused on Walmart's official app — a neat way to force bargain hunters into a download — and start at 6PM on Thanksgiving Day. That'll give you time to get your turkey finished and your family out of the door before you sprint down to your local store, but as Black Friday encroaches on other holidays, you have to wonder: how long until Black Friday envelopes the entire Thanksgiving week? How long before it swallows up the entire month of November? What happens when it eats the entire year? We'll be left with 365 days of unrelenting darkness, in which all is lost in a frenzy of lines, tickets, and deals on consumer electronics, and we pray only to a new pantheon of gods that includes Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.

But until then, find the best deals from Walmart's upcoming sale below. Note that to see the deals, you'll need to use Walmart's app.


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