Poll: How much do you pay each month for TV and films?

November 12th, 2015


I’m currently paying about $85 each month for access to movies and TV in my home. That edges up to more than $100 per month ($1,200 per year) when I factor in cinema visits. Some of my colleagues spend far less, usually between $0 (using a “shared” Netflix account) and $20 for both Netflix and Hulu accounts.

In the US, the average monthly bill for cable is $99.10, according to the Leichtman Research Group, a 39 percent increase since 2010. I’ve waited far too long to cut the cable cord (and almost 50 percent of my monthly bill) out of a misplaced, residual fear of missing out on some live event in the future. Sadly, without a “Spotify for TV and film” I have no choice but to subscribe to an a la carte menu of services.

My monthly bill breaks down like this:

  • $40 for about 60 channels of cable I rarely watch with the ability to rarely watch them from any connected device.
  • $8.99 for Netflix which is set to go up to $9.99 per month in May.
  • $11.67 ($139.99 per year) for unlimited access to every NFL game. If you live outside of the US and crave American football then you should absolutely subscribe — it’s fantastic.
  • $4.99 to test Mubi; the small, indie-focused film streamer that rose to fame after Paul Thomas Anderson game them the exclusive on Junun.
  • $8.25 ($99 per year) for Amazon Prime which gives me access to Amazon Video (and the Epix content Netflix recently lost). I originally signed up just to watch Transparent, an Amazon Original.
  • $10 on average for iTunes or Amazon Prime Video rentals to fill the gaps in streaming services.

I also download the occasional torrent for "free" which leaves me wracked with guilt for having joined the tyranny of evil men. But like Jules, I’m tryin’ — I’m tryin’ real hard to be shepherd.

So, that’s me, what are you paying each month to bring TV and movies into your house?

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