New trailers: Star Wars, Finding Dory, Jessica Jones, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


Movies come out. Sometimes they're good. Sometimes they're not. Sometimes you really need to wait for a review to find out which it'll be, but a lot of times you can tell just by watching a minute or so of its trailer. So don't make mistakes. Watch trailers. Or don't and live a life more full of surprises, which is nice too. There are nine trailers down below.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I think we all know that it's time to stop watching Star Wars trailers and keep ourselves open to more surprises in the movie. But it's just so hard to stop watching them. A minute-long TV spot premiered yesterday that runs through a mix of new and old footage. The new footage isn't necessarily that much of a spoiler, but I do think it starts to give a better impression of how J.J. Abrams is bringing his style to the Star Wars universe, whereas the old trailers were very much all about that sense of wonder. It's out December 18th… but you know that by now, right?


The first Warcraft trailer came out last Friday, but it was after last week's trailer roundup, so I'm including it here since it's such an enormous film. What's interesting is that Warcraft looks — and, at many parts, clearly is — an epic battle film, but it's also setting up these very specific characters and conflicts within all of that. It's going to be a tough balance. The film is out June 10th.

Finding Dory

It feels like we've been hearing about a Finding Nemo sequel forever, so it's nice to finally find out what Pixar is doing with it. A first trailer for Finding Dory premiered this week and, even if you don't remember the first film very well, the type of humor, the characters' voices, and the beautiful animation are enough to bring you back instantly. It's out June 17th.

Jessica Jones

Netflix's next Marvel series starts next week. The trailers for Jessica Jones have been getting more and more action packed as the series moves closer to its premiere, but it's the show's villain — a mind-controlling maniac played by David Tennant — who really makes things interesting. Much of what Jones is facing isn't something she can fight, it's dark thoughts being forced inside her head. Hopefully that's a subject the show takes on intelligently. It's out November 20th.


Transparent's first season was a hit, and now Amazon is preparing us all for another run. The season's first trailer is a short but sweet look at the Pfefferman family dysfunction that everyone's come to expect. The show returns on December 11th.

Shades of Blue

I don't know if there's anything you can do other than cringe while watching this trailer. It starts with a cop killing a black man and then framing the man as an attacker. Then there's more stuff about corrupt cops. Then somehow a bad cop becomes a good cop by being forced into becoming an FBI informant. Then a lot of cops draw guns on each other. The title of the show is clearly supposed to refer to this series being all about the shades of gray in police work, but this trailer suggests it's going to be tastelessly overdramatic at a time when police violence is a real and serious issue. Jennifer Lopez stars. It starts January 7th.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

I never saw the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I remember everyone talking about it nonstop when it came out after the low-budget film became a huge box office hit. It's over a decade later, and now a second film is coming out with a focus on a new member of the family. Naturally, there's another wedding, too. It's out March 25th.

Boy and the World

Want to see some beautiful animation? Click play. Boy and the World is out in New York and Los Angeles on December 11th, with a nationwide expansion in January.


David Bowie is about to release a new album, and an accompanying short film of the same name is being put out along with it. A teaser for Blackstar was released today, and while there's really no sense of anything that's going on, there are plenty of gorgeous things to look at. It's out next Thursday.