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Gmail will soon alert users about unencrypted emails

Gmail will soon alert users about unencrypted emails

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Google is taking security threats for Gmail users seriously. To help alert users about the risk in opening unencrypted email, the search company is currently working on warnings that will pop up when messages from unencrypted sources are received.

In a recent blog post, Google unveiled the results of its research into email security. The joint study, which was conducted in partnership with the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan over the course of two years, revealed promising results, showing increased reliance on encryption industry-wide:

However, the group says it found regions of the internet working to undermine encryption along with DNS servers that allow attackers to intercept messages en route to users and alter them before they're received. Google is working with researchers to prevent these kinds of attacks to provide peace of mind to its users. Expect to see warnings about unencrypted emails in the coming months.