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SXSW removes Gamergate panel from harassment summit

SXSW removes Gamergate panel from harassment summit


Original panel on harassment in gaming agrees to return

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SXSW has brought a key panel back to its summit on online harassment: the panel on overcoming harassment in gaming that it originally canceled following threats of violence. At the same time, SXSW is also pushing the Gamergate-related panel that was invited to speak at the summit back several days. It's a pretty obvious scheduling solution — the panel on gaming culture and journalism practices doesn't exactly fit in with an online harassment summit — that for some reason took SXSW two weeks to reach.

Both panels had originally been invited to speak at the daylong summit, which was created following backlash against SXSW for canceling the two panels after receiving violent threats. When and if the panels would appear had been a question until now, with the "Level Up: Overcoming Harassment in Games" panel reconsidering its decision to participate after learning that the Gamergate-related panel would also be presenting that day. The latter panel says that it's happy to move out of the summit and back into its old time slot. "We understood that it didn’t quite belong," writes Perry Jones, founder of panel host The Open Gaming Society.