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Microsoft adds floating OneNote icon to Android so you never forget about OneNote

Microsoft really wants you to use OneNote. The OneNote app for Android now has a button that hovers over your screen and is a lot like Facebook Chat Heads — remember those? This button, called the OneNote badge, moves you directly into Android features. It can be moved anywhere on the frame of your screen, then tapped to jump you into fast note-taking and note-saving in OneNote.

The OneNote Android badge also works as a shortcut to take pictures that you might want to save in OneNote. Of course you can always just save photos with whatever camera app you usually use and then save the photos to the app.

OneNote has been updated for the iPad Pro's huge screen

Microsoft has also updated OneNote for iOS to make the app’s features more accessible. It now works with 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, so touching and holding the OneNote app icon will give you extra functionality, like creating a new note, adding a new photo or viewing recent notes. OneNote was also updated to play nice with Apple’s iPad Pro and its enormous screen.

The addition of these new features to OneNote is part of a continuing trend by Microsoft to make OneNote more of a universal record keeping tool. But it’s still a patchwork across different platforms. The app can now record audio for web, iPhone, and iPad, and you can add file attachments to OneNote Online. Finally, you can embed video using the desktop as long as you’re using Windows desktop app.