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5.5-inch version of HTC's A9 iPhone clone revealed by Chinese regulators

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HTC has you covered if you think its new, iPhone-like A9 smartphone is just a bit too small. After a couple weeks of sketchy rumors, the company's larger, 5.5-inch X9 has been all but confirmed by Chinese telecom regulator TENAA.

The phone looks similar to the A9, which got lots of heat for borrowing more than a little from Apple's iPhone 6. But we wouldn't blame you for seeing some similarities with another flagship device: the Nexus 6P. Both have a distinctive glass-covered camera bar along the top of the device.

htc x9 tenna

Alongside a set of photos, TENAA has also published some preliminary specifications for the X9. Other than bumping the screen up from 5 inches on the A9, the internals line up well with the smaller device. It's powered by an unidentified 2.2GHz Quad Core chip and 2GB of RAM. It also has a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing unit. Notably, the device appears to herald the return of HTC's Boomsound stereo speakers — they were axed from the A9. The speakers appear to come at the cost of a fingerprint sensor, however.

HTC has yet to officially announce the X9, which could see a different name and some slightly modified specifications if it comes to markets outside of China.