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Democrats fight back after GOP declares Wi-Fi password war

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The WPA2 war is heating up. After the Republican National Committee (RNC) set the media Wi-Fi password as "StopHillary" for the fourth GOP debate last week, the DNC is fighting back with its own wireless wordplay.

The wireless network for media at tonight's Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa is called "13MillionNewJobs," and there's no password. As the DNC notes, that's because "The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion and we believe in expanding access and economic opporuntity for all."

So it appears the Democrats have struck a much more positive tone for this round of the Wi-Fi wars. How will the Republicans respond in round two?

The Democratic debate airs at 9PM ET on CBS. You can also stream it online at and via the network's selection of apps.