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Watch Koenigsegg's next supercar act like a Transformer

Watch Koenigsegg's next supercar act like a Transformer

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The Koenigsegg Regera is inarguably one of the most ridiculous supercars ever imagined, much less made: the latest project from Swedish performance wizard Christian von Koenigsegg and his company is said to offer 1,500 horsepower through a combination of electric and gasoline powerplants. There will only be 80 made, and they'll cost nearly $2 million each when deliveries start next year.

That puts the Regera squarely out of reach for most of us, but at least Koenigsegg is giving us some good footage of the prototype: two recent tweets demonstrate the car's "Autoskin" feature, which can electrically raise and lower practically every body panel. There's nothing that crazy going on here — it's just the hood, rear decklid, spoiler, doors, and windows — but when you see them all moving at the same time, it's a thing of beauty. Particularly with Koenigsegg's signature door mechanism, which is one of the strangest things in the automotive world.

Go on, take in these videos; they're only 15 seconds each.

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