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Withings tries to mix luxury and everyday style with $170 Activité Steel

Withings tries to mix luxury and everyday style with $170 Activité Steel

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For Withings' third fitness tracker, the company is trying to blend the best qualities of its expensive (and Swiss Made) Activité with those from the much cheaper, more versatile Activité Pop. The result is the $169 Activité Steel, another device that places greater importance on looks — it's something you'd actually want to strap on your wrist — than matching feature-rich fitness products like the Microsoft Surface Band 2. The Steel doesn't carry all of the original $450 Activité's luxury forward; it's got a stainless steel case, but silicone straps balance out the overall appearance and bring this down to something you could easily wear every day.

It's available in black, and apparently the only place to purchase it is from the Withings website. Design aside, the Activité Steel offers the same functionality as its predecessors, tracking your step, sleeps, and swimming laps through Withings' Health Mate app. Choosing between a watch and dedicated fitness tracker still seems like the smarter decision here rather than settling on something that tries to hit both ends, but if you're only seeking basic health tracking, the Steel is a pretty nice-looking solution.

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