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Facebook now surfacing public profile information in mobile Google searches

Facebook now surfacing public profile information in mobile Google searches

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Google has brokered a partnership with Facebook to make the social network's mobile app more search-friendly, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal today. When searching for information on Google through an Android mobile device, you'll now be able to find Facebook deep links that take you straight to public profiles, pages, and posts within its app. Until now, Google has not been allowed to link indexed public information from Facebook directly to the company's mobile app.

The move is a win for Google, whose dominance as a search engine is threatened by the near-monopoly that Facebook has on users’ attention on their smartphones. Though Google still controls a vast majority of web searches, it cannot easily index information within other companies' mobile apps where users' spend a majority of their time. Google announced in October that it will begin linking to iPhone apps in mobile Safari in a similar move to beef up mobile search.

Facebook and Google are competing for how we spend our time on mobile

Google is still locked out of accessing private Facebook information on both mobile and the web. For Facebook, which recently revamped its own search offering, the partnership with Google appears to be a compromise of sorts. It indicates the social network sees value for now in cooperating with Google, and in the process hopefully routing more users to the Facebook mobile app.

Update at 2:50PM, Monday, November 16: Added information regarding Android exclusivity for the feature.