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Christopher Nolan's Memento is getting the remake nobody asked for

Christopher Nolan's Memento is getting the remake nobody asked for

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Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually: Memento, the 2000 indie film that launched the career of Christopher Nolan, is getting a remake. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a company called AMBI Pictures will be producing the new take on the movie, which originally starred Guy Pearce as a tattooed detective with memory loss trying to discover his wife's killer. Christopher Nolan's involvement isn't mentioned in the story, which means it's pretty to safe to say he won't be helping.

It's an undeniable fact that in the modern movie industry, if something once had some degree of success that somebody will eventually try to remake it, but this news does raise the question of what the point of a Memento remake actually is. The original film drew acclaim in large part due to its innovative structure — it basically ran backwards, with each new scene taking place right before then one that preceded it. Inventive structures and twists have become a trademark of Nolan's filmmaking style, so for any sort of remake to bear resemblance to the original it will require a new director to basically rip-off Nolan's filmmaking style. Of course, not all remakes are terrible by default. John Carpenter's take on The Thing is one of the best examples over the last 35 years, but let's be honest: I'm looking back to 1982 for a great example. That's never a good sign.

As for AMBI Pictures, Memento is just the first of many potential remakes that could be coming in the foreseeable future. The company recently purchased a massive film library, earning it the rights not just to Nolan's movie, but films like Donnie Darko, Snitch, and End of Watch.