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Google Glass team is working on a wearable that isn't glasses

Google Glass team is working on a wearable that isn't glasses


Glass without the glass

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The division of Google responsible for wearable tech is experimenting with new designs, including one without a screen. According to a report today from The Information, the team behind Google Glass, a division now called Project Aura, has at least three new prototype gadgets, one of which would be a headset that relies only on audio. It’s not stated how this would be different from headphones or a Bluetooth earpiece, but an audio-only device could still achieve Glass’ original goal of hands-free computing.

Project Aura is Google's new wearable tech outfit started back in June to succeed the Glass division. Though the Google Glass initiative was originally part of the Google X "moonshots" lab, Aura was reportedly moved under Google proper with Nest Labs CEO Tony Fadell leading the development alongside famed designer Ivy Ross.

The audio-based wearable works through bone conduction

Google went on a hiring spree starting in August when Amazon laid off numerous engineers from its Lab126 hardware division, some of which were audio experts whose expertise is likely informing the new device. The Aura squad isn't ditching screens altogether. While the audio-focused gadget would be fashioned as a "sport" device, The Information reports, Google is working on two other devices with screens aimed at businesses that may need the head-mounted display. So while Glass as a product may be dead, it appears its original conceit isn't done yet.