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MetroPCS customers are getting unlimited music streaming

MetroPCS customers are getting unlimited music streaming


And a new 'Data Maximizer' feature will downgrade video streams to 480p

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T-Mobile is passing down some of its "Uncarrier" perks to MetroPCS. The first is Music Unlimited, which is really just a rebranded version of T-Mobile's Music Freedom. Starting November 19th, MetroPCS customers who choose one of the company's new $40, $50, and $60 plans will be able to stream popular music services without it counting against their data usage. Pretty straightforward.

But then there's "Data Maximizer," which promises to let MetroPCS users stream up to three times as much video than they previously could. Every video that users watch will be downgraded to 480p quality, which consumes less data at the cost of quality. If it sounds very familiar to T-Mobile's recently launched Binge On feature, that's because the same technology is underpinning both of them. Here, though, you don't get free streaming from Netflix or other video apps like you would on T-Mobile; MetroPCS is just promising that you'll eat up less data when watching movies or shows. You can turn off data maximizer if you prefer watching stuff in HD — like people should in the year 2015. And those net neutrality concerns remain just as relevant here.

MetroPCS is also revamping its plans with the new changes and bumping up included data. $30 now gets you unlimited talk / text and 1GB of high-speed data; $40 gets 3GB (up from 2GB), $50 gets 5GB (up from 4GB), and $60 for unlimited data with 8GB of LTE hotspot usage. For each of those, family plan lines cost $5 less. Data maximizer is available with all of these plans, but Music Unlimited requires at least the 3GB tier.