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Nvidia's Shield Tablet is back on sale for $199 after fire hazard recall

Nvidia's Shield Tablet is back on sale for $199 after fire hazard recall

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Nvidia called its Shield Tablet the "ultimate tablet for gamers" upon announcement last year, but the company had to backtrack hard this summer when it issued a recall for every single unit due to a potential battery fire hazard. It would seem the issue has been fixed, though — Nvidia was already sending replacements to affected customers, and today the company is putting the Shield Tablet back on sale for $199, $100 less than the original price.

It's the same 8-inch 1920 x 1200 tablet with Nvidia's own K1 processor, 16GB of storage with microSD support, and dual front-facing speakers. Nvidia has also announced that the Shield Tablet, currently running Android Lollipop, will be updated to 6.0 Marshmallow in the "coming months." It doesn't look as though Nvidia is bringing the 32GB LTE version back to market; today's announcement only contains details for the 16GB Wi-Fi model.

"Fans have asked for it."

Nvidia also isn't referencing the recall incident at all in its announcement, choosing instead to say that it's "bringing back" the Shield Tablet because "fans have asked for it." If you're confident that the company has fixed the battery issues, the updated version might be a compelling option for anyone looking for a gaming-focused device.

The Shield line of devices has features like the ability to stream games from your PC or Nvidia's own GeForce Now cloud service, and includes built-in Twitch integration. There are also Shield-exclusive Android ports of popular games like Half-Life 2 and Portal. These are all capabilities targeted toward the gaming niche, to be sure, but at under $200 the tablet may be a more mainstream proposition than before.