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The latest Nest thermostat is now available in Europe

The latest Nest thermostat is now available in Europe


Designed for European energy standards

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More than two months after debuting its third-generation thermostat, Nest is bringing its newest iteration to Europe — and more importantly, it's enabled some customizations specifically for that market.

The Nest is available today in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Ireland for €249, but the company also says it's partnered with more than 50 energy and enterprise groups to bring users the thermostat for free or at discounted prices as part of their local energy contracts. Given that many Europeans already use smart meters, smart thermostats are often an option from their power companies.

Customized for Europe

Beyond the corporate partnerships, Nest equipped its third-generation devices with extra features specifically for Europe, including remote hot water control and compatibility with the OpenTherm protocol. Remote hot water control, which is only available in Europe, allows individuals to adjust their hot water schedule from their phones or thermostats. OpenTherm, also exclusive to Europe, enables communication between compatible boilers and the third-generation Nest in order to calculate the exact amount of gas needed to reach or maintain a desired temperature.

Nest faces competition from Honeywell and Ecobee, but there's plenty of room for the company in the market. Plus, the space is only growing. The European Union has set a goal to replace 80 percent of electricity meters with smart meters by 2020, and Nest surely wants to be an option as they transition to more energy-efficient devices.