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Twitter Moments arrive outside US with Brazil launch

Twitter Moments arrive outside US with Brazil launch

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Twitter is expanding its new Moments tab to its first foreign country with a launch in Brazil starting today. Moments is the social platform's magazine-like tool for analyzing and aggregating fast-moving activity like breaking news and live events into a single column of tweets. It essentially takes what can seem chaotic about Twitter during an event like the Paris attacks last Friday and turns it into a digestible and evolving feed you can check back with periodically. Of course, it's more often utilized for less tragic events, like popular sports and entertainment recaps.

While links have been viewable anywhere in the world, the Moments tab has been available only in the US. Now Portuguese-speaking Twitter users can check in with curated Brazil-centric Moments to get updates on news and events in the country. Brazil's Moments tab is being overseen by Leonardo Stamillo, Twitter's editorial director for Latin America, alongside a team of journalists, the company said in a blog post. Early partners include BuzzFeed, celebrity news site EGO, and sports channel Esporte Interativo, among others. The Moments tab should be showing up for Brazilian users gradually as Twitter rolls it out.

Moments, previously known as Project Lightning, first launched as part of Twitter's mobile apps and on the web in the beginning of October, just a day after interim CEO Jack Dorsey became the official chief executive of the company. Moments is integral to Twitter's business, as the company's growth is tied to transforming the service into something new users will better understand and find useful. It's also an opportunity for revenue. Late last month, Twitter introduced "promoted" Moments with a paid advertisement for the film Creed.