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This is the whitest movie about Ancient Egypt yet

This is the whitest movie about Ancient Egypt yet

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And here it is, the first trailer for upcoming fantasy epic Gods of Egypt, and wow is it white as hell. Directed by I, Robot director Alex Proyas, the film loosely follows the mythic conflict between Set and Horus, two gods vying for the throne of Egypt. Starring Games of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and P.S. I Love You's Gerard Butler, it promises to be an orgy of terrible acting and awful CGI.

Ancient Egypt meets Burning Man

But did I mention that this movie is exceedingly white? Because it is. For something taking place in Egypt, whose ancient people were, scholars agree, by no means close to our modern idea of whiteness, you'd be forgiven for thinking this took place somewhere on the playa during Burning Man. To quote our own Casey Newton, "There are episodes of The Brady Bunch that aren’t this white." That fact manages to be both hilarious and infuriating. I thought we learned this lesson from Exodus: Gods and Kings.

And the worst part? Why is the one black man in this trailer literally cowering? This movie's principal cast is largely white and the one dude they save for the trailer looks like he pissed himself? How is this acceptable?

I expected better from you, Jaime Lannister.