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This could be Apple’s official Apple Watch charging dock

This could be Apple’s official Apple Watch charging dock

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Apple loves making money from accessories (see: the $169 iPad Pro Smart Keyboard), so it's pretty surprising that the company hasn't yet bothered releasing a charging dock or nightstand for the Apple Watch. But it seems that might be changing — and very soon. New photos of an Apple-branded, round charging station for the smartwatch (and its packaging) have leaked today. The box, pictured below, almost makes it seem like you're buying a CD rather than a dock or stand. This thing's design is pretty funky, to say the least.

Apple Watch stand

Looks aside, the white pad allows the Apple Watch to be charged lying flat, but also upright in a horizontal orientation perfect for the "nightstand mode" added in watchOS 2. A Lightning cable can be plugged in to charge up the watch, though it's hard to determine what material Apple is using for the resting surface based on photos alone; silicone is probably the most likely choice. This "magnetic charging dock" hasn't yet been officially announced by the company, but if these photos are legitimate, our guess is that a release is fast approaching. According to 9to5Mac, the product is likely to be priced around $100, which is definitely on the expensive side compared to alternatives you can find at Amazon, Best Buy, or in Apple's own stores.

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