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Nikon announces that the D5 pro camera will follow the D4

Nikon's fast-shooting D4 DSLR has been a ubiquitous sight among pro photographers at just about any sporting event ever since it launched in early 2012. What could be next? That's right: Nikon has now confirmed the impending existence of the D5, a full-frame "next-generation professional" camera currently under development.

That's just about the only thing the storied Japanese camera maker has confirmed, mind you, along with a new flagship flash and wireless transmitter — no specs, nor details on price or availability, have been announced. If I had to guess, I'd say we'll probably see the D5 at CES in January, which is where its predecessor was first revealed.

The D4 did get an iterative update last year in the shape of the D4S, which was preceded by a similar non-announcement.