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The first full trailer for Zoolander 2 shows the return of Mugatu

But where's Billy Zane?

Zoolander 2 is on its way to take the fashion satire world by storm, and we finally — after the teasers and strange Samsung ad buys — have the first trailer. Here, Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson), male models who've long since fallen out of relevance, are back to infiltrate high fashion and stop a madman from killing the world's hottest people (which obviously includes Lenny Kravitz). It appears that madman is none other than Mugatu (Will Ferrell) himself, who spent years stewing in prison envisioning his inevitable revenge.

Also Benedict Cumberbatch appears to be an androgynous, if not outright trans, model. Because that's still funny in a year that's not 2001. Zoolander 2 hits theaters February 12th.