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Vine adds native audio remixing to help memes spread

Vine adds native audio remixing to help memes spread


Put a duck army in your pocket

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In August, Vine said it planned to "strengthen the connection between music and Vine," rolling out tools to add music to video clips and a "snap to beat" feature for more easily making perfectly looping clips. Today Vine is taking the next step, introducing an audio remix tool that lets you grab sound from Vines and use it in your own 6-second videos. The move takes advantage of a common way memes spread on Vine — people take a popular snippet of audio (such as the moaning of the duck army) and insert it into a Vine of their own.

With today's update, which is iOS-only for now, you can tap the three-dot button at the bottom right of every public Vine and begin building your meme by tapping "Make an audio remix." That will camera open to let you make a new Vine, with the audio from the original Vine already inserted into the new one. You can film a new Vine from there, or import video clips from your camera roll.

It's also a discovery mechanism

In a thoughtful touch, Vine credits the creator of the original Vine inside in any remixes: tap the music icon on a Vine to see where the audio comes from. (It's similar to the way reblogs on Tumblr credit their sources.) Vine is pitching this as a discovery mechanism: song metadata now shows up in Vine searches. That means you can now run searches on "Hotline Bling," for example, and see all the Vines that use clips from it. The discovery features will work on Android as well as iOS.

The update should be live in the app now.