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Dunkin Donuts is testing a mobile ordering app to take on Starbucks

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Dunkin Donuts is ready to compete directly with Starbucks on mobile. Bloomberg reports that the chain is currently testing a smartphone app that allows users to preorder their morning cup of coffee before arriving at stores. The app is being piloted at 124 locations in Portland, Maine, though there's no word yet on when it might launch nationwide

All this is meant as a way of catching up with Starbucks, which rolled out its own mobile ordering app to all nationwide stores earlier this fall. Dunkin is also testing a delivery service at 19 locations in Dallas. Consumers can order coffee, donuts, and sandwiches online, and they'll be delivered to their doorstep in 45 minutes, thanks to a partnership with delivery service DoorDash. Other locations in Atlanta, Washington, Los Angeles, and Chicago will delivery coffee to customers.

So much for the morning rush.