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New Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot shows Finn following Luke's path

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot shows Finn following Luke's path

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We might not be getting any more full trailers before Star Wars: The Force Awakens' premiere, but Episode VII's TV spots are providing us with more than enough new footage from the upcoming movie. The latest of these, which aired tonight, features a whole set of unseen clips, elaborating more on Finn's motives, character, and background. If you're trying to avoid too many spoilers before December 18th, you might want to stop reading here and slink away without playing the clip above.

If you don't want spoilers, look away now

The fifth TV spot shows John Boyega's Finn justifying his flight from the First Order, explaining that "we all need to run" from whatever it is he's seen while (possibly) serving as a stormtrooper. But it looks like his past will come back to bite him — in an echo of Luke's fight against himself in that Dagobah cave, Finn is shown here battling a stormtrooper wielding a weapon that seems to be a match for his lightsaber. The young runaway continues to follow the path laid out by Luke as the TV spot goes on, showing Finn manning the Millennium Falcon quadlaser turrets, as Skywalker had decades before.

Also importantly, this clip shows that yes, BB-8 can complete a full rotation of the Falcon's curved cabin thanks to his spherical construction. There's less than a month now until The Force Awakens' premiere, but these TV spots will keep coming. At this rate, fans will be able to piece together about forty minutes of footage before the movie even opens.

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