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Samsung hits record high TV sales as everyone else struggles

Samsung hits record high TV sales as everyone else struggles

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It's hard out there for most TV manufacturers, but Samsung seems to be doing just fine. In fact, it set a new record for TV sales last month, hitting $1 billion in North America over the course of October, which Samsung says is a new monthly high for the market. Samsung has reached that record by becoming the dominant TV seller in North America, representing around 35 percent of the US market and around 38 percent of the Canadian market, according to figures it cites from NPD. It's also taking over half of all US and Canadian sales of 4K TVs, which is a small but growing market.

Though those figures may not make it sound like Samsung is dominating the TV market, it really is one of the only successful names right now. Sharp just pulled out of North America and sold its branding to Hisense. Sony has considered spinning off its TV division, and Panasonic is closing and selling off its TV factories. LG's TV unit is growing, but its division did lose money earlier in 2015 for the first time in several years, and LG continues to cite "challenging market conditions" and "soft global TV demand." Samsung's display division is turning a profit, and it's continuing to focus on large screens and 4K in an attempt to keep growing.

Update December 2nd, 2:30PM ET: Samsung says that due to an error it misstated its share of TV sales in Canada. NPD figures put it at just over 38 percent, not 28 percent as Samsung initially stated. This story has been updated to reflect the new figure.