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Beats now makes rose gold headphones

Beats now makes rose gold headphones


The newly tinted Solo2 wireless and urBeats headphones are available today

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Apple broke up its stale color options of space gray, silver, and gold earlier this year by introducing an iPhone that was unflinchingly pink. Rose gold, as it's known, turned out to be such a hit that the company also made pink Apple Watches. Now the trend continues, as Apple has started selling Beats Solo2 wireless headphones and urBeats headphones in rose gold, too.

Neither pair of headphones is being changed in any other appreciable way, save for the new color option. That's fine — they're both great as far as Beats products go, even if the $299 sticker price of the Solo 2s still feels a bit high.

Apple bought Beats well over a year ago, and the acquisition has caused radical change on the software side — Apple Music, for example, borrowed a lot from the nearly shuttered Beats Music app, for example. Beats hardware, on the other hand, has only been nipped and tucked by Apple. The new Pill+ speaker is pretty clearly Apple's way of refining one of Beats' most popular products, and the new rose gold colorway for Beats' headphones is another — but it likely won't be the last.