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The trailer for Transparent's second season is a Pfefferman family affair

Yas queen! Yas queen!

When we last checked in with Transparent's Pfefferman clan, they were decked out in their finest whites for a chaotic wedding photo shoot. Entertainment Weekly premiered the first full trailer for the Emmy-winning dramedy's second season this morning, and it offers a much more detailed look at the trials the family's about to face. Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) is considering taking another step in her transition; children Sarah, Josh, and Ali are grappling with their own gender and relationship issues; Shelly (Judith Light) is trying to find her place in a family dynamic that's constantly changing.

One of the best things about Transparent is the way it manages to balance hilarity with moments of searing, intense honesty, and that's on display in the trailer. In one minute, Tammy (Melora Hardin) is drunkenly calling everyone "monsters"; in the next, Maura's friends are teaching her how to unleash the perfect "yas queen!" (She needs some work.) I'm also excited to see where the show can go now that the issue of Maura's transition has largely been settled within her own family. Watching the Pfeffermans try to navigate the world beyond their own internal drama should make for some compelling TV.

Transparent's second season premieres on Amazon Prime Video on December 11th.