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F1 champion Lewis Hamilton designed this motorcycle in tribute to his awesomeness

The three-time world champ took time out of his busy schedule to design this sweet Italian bike

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A few weeks ago, Lewis Hamilton snagged his third Formula One World Championship, and he might be the best racing driver of all time. But, like many speed demons, he doesn’t just love cars — he’s a fan of motorcycles too. Fast ones. Sexy ones. Red ones.

That’s why he’s partnered with MV Agusta, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer with a long history in MotoGP, the premier motorcycle circuit racing series. Hamilton co-designed the Dragster RR LH44, a limited run of 244 bikes that are covered with references to 44, his F1 race number.

The 800cc three-cylinder engine cranks out 140 horsepower at 13,100rpm, which makes it go fast. Huge chunks of the bodywork are made from carbon fiber, which makes it light so it can go fast. Ride-by-wire throttle control with multiple throttle maps and integrated traction control (with eight settings!) help keep things under control at the limit. In case it isn’t clear yet, this bike is all about speed.

But forget all that. Just look at it, fall in love, and then check your bank account for the $26,144 you’ll need to make it your own.