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Beyond: Two Souls is being remastered for PS4, and it launches next week

Heavy Rain is on the way, too

If the announcement of Detroit has you curious about the work of French designer David Cage and his Quantic Dream studio, there's some good news, as the developer's two most recent games are getting enhanced editions for the PlayStation 4.

It all starts with Beyond: Two Souls, the paranormal adventure starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, which originally launched on the PS3 in 2013. The enhanced version will feature improved 1080p visuals, come bundled with the extra DLC chapter, and let you play the game in chronological order if you want (the original featured a purposely disjointed, nonlinear narrative). It's also launching surprisingly soon: you can play Beyond on your PS4 on November 24th for $29.99. It'll be available as a digital download. Quantic Dream also announced that Beyond's predecessor, the 2010 crime thriller Heavy Rain, will be getting a similar remaster. It's expected to launch on March 1st.

While often maligned for their heavy handed attempts to create emotion through simple button presses — Heavy Rain's "press X to Jason" moment became a meme instead of a heart wrenching experience — there's really nothing quite like a Quantic Dream game, with their earnest attempts to create what are essentially interactive films. The developer's next game, a sci-fi title about androids who dream of being human, was announced for the PS4 in October.