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You’ll be dead by the time this John Malkovich movie comes out

The logical conclusion of the teaser trailer

John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez made a movie called 100 Years and it's not based on the Five for Fighting song. It's called 100 Years because it won't be released until November 18th, 2115 — 100 years from yesterday. You, I, John Malkovich, and Robert Rodriguez will all be dead (or at least painfully old) by then, but maybe someone alive will care.

Although plot details on the film are scarce, it seems to be about different versions of the future. Three teaser trailers were released today to support what is basically a useless announcement, each exploring a different idea of what the future could look like in a century. The movie will be preserved on film stock and locked in a vault that won't open until the specified date.

Malkovich and Rodriguez are asking 1,000 "influential people" to invite their descendants to attend the movie's premiere in 2115, according to io9. This idea assumes that importance is a genetic trait and that this movie will be a recurring theme in wills for several generations.

You may be thinking, why would Malkovich and Rodriguez do this? The answer is art, maybe, but promotional stunt, definitely. The movie was paid for by Louis XIII Cognac, a super-fancy brandy that's been aged for — you guessed it — 100 years. Boy, the future descendants of influencers better appreciate this commitment to theme!