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Google Fit update brings Android users real-time exercise tracking

Google Fit has been updated today with several new features that make Android phones and smartwatches more capable fitness trackers. The app now tracks real-time stats for runs, walks, and bike rides; takes strength training into account; and documents nutrition and sleep. These new features build on Google's goal to compete with Apple and Samsung to make a universal hub for fitness data.

When it comes to the in-the-moment exercise stats, the app records speed, pace, route, and elevation. If users want to include strength training on their day’s statistics, they have to own an Android Wear watch and start a daily challenge, at which point the wearable will detect and count sit-ups, push-ups and squats. Google Fit will also document nutrition and sleep data as the app now can now communicate with a few more Android apps and wearables.

The app update is available now.