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Up close and in the dark with LG’s V10 Android cameraphone

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I'm writing the Verge review of LG's new V10 Android smartphone — a premium variant of its G4 flagship from this summer — and thought I'd share some of my excitement early. This phone's camera is really good. It's not perfect, no camera is, but it's taken some extremely impressive shots and has a manual mode that allows for tons of creativity. Basically, you have all the settings available to fashion out your own photo filters, if you so desired. But more on that in the review tomorrow. For now, here's a sample of some of the photos I've taken with the fully automatic mode. Half of them are in a low light, in order to demonstrate how the camera handles challenging conditions, and all are accompanied by 100-percent crops of particular areas that best exhibit the full-resolution quality.

P.S. — Hit this link for the full set of 66 full-resolution images from the LG V10.

LG V10 camera sample photos


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