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There might be a Hunger Games theme park coming to Atlanta

There might be a Hunger Games theme park coming to Atlanta


You'll get to ride the Capitol's gravy train in 2019

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Lionsgate is working with theme park developer Avatron Smart Park on a 100-acre Atlanta area attraction, one that'll feature studio properties like The Hunger Games and Now You See Me when it opens in 2019. According to The New York Times, the park is just one piece of Lionsgate's larger licensing strategy, which includes other future theme parks in Dubai (Motiongate, which will also include films from DreamWorks and Sony) and China.

If you're struggling to understand the appeal of a theme park angled around 1) a yearly competition in which children fight and kill each other until only one's left standing and 2) the subsequent violent, confusing revolution, you're not alone. Lionsgate was apparently rebuffed by a few major theme park operators when it first proposed acquiring the Hunger Games license, and American partner Avatron felt compelled to defend the property's suitability in The New York Times piece linked above. "There are so many positives about these movies, starting with the fact that she's an empowered young woman," said Avatron vice chairman James Ram.

These parks might gloss over the violence that defines The Hunger Games

Lionsgate's plan for The Hunger Games' implementation at Motiongate might serve as a preview of what it's planning for Georgia. Its section of the park will include a recreation of Katniss' District 12 home, a virtual hovercraft tour of Panem, and a roller coaster that mirrors the high-speed trains linking the Capitol and the country's various districts. It's a plan that seems to gloss over much of the dirty, bloody business that makes The Hunger Games so memorable, of course — will you be able to explore various Hunger Games arenas? Can you complete your own skill showcase for a panel of virtual judges? Can you participate in a FPS-style revolution battle? I suspect concerns about the theme parks' incongruities will vanish quickly if they prove profitable.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 arrives in theaters November 20th.